The leading Russian manufacturer of innovative health products
08 September
“Alkoy” took part in the seminar "Russia's Reproductive potential: versions and contra-versions 2020" on September 5-8, 2020 in Sochi

The next grand event in Sochi was really hot. And not only because of the sunny weather, but also because of the rich scientific program and the new format of "Sochi contra-versions" - a series of online schools on the CONNEXIO platform with independent full-time TV studios.

Over 4 days, 11,078 participants (online listeners and face-to-face participants) were registered at the event, representing 4 countries, 79 regions and 219 cities. For the first time, specialists from different parts of the country who are not able to attend the Seminar "live", were able to hear the reports of leading domestic and foreign experts, immerse themselves in the thick of events and enrich themselves with knowledge on relevant topics without leaving home. The number of online views just broke all records — 102,244!

What's in the science program? 650 reports, numerous schools, master classes, lectures, discussions and round tables! The absence of time and geographical barriers for listeners and speakers is convenient and safe, especially today, when the epidemiological situation has made significant changes in everyday life.


The leading Russian manufacturer of innovative health products