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30 September
Parents of babies who are born after October 1 in Chechnya will receive gifts

With the assistance of the All-Russia People's Front, the expert and educational center "Choice of Parents" and the Ministry of health of the Chechen Republic in the Republican clinical center for maternal and child health named after Aimani Kadyrova will present gift sets to parents of two hundred babies who will be born in the period from October 1, 2018. This medical facility was not chosen by chance to host such an important and honorable event: the center is equipped with modern medical equipment, implements advanced methods of diagnosis and treatment, and is considered one of the best in the North Caucasus.

The kit issued at discharge includes things necessary for babies in the first months of life. Each young family will receive 14 items of clothing and accessories made mainly by Russian companies. Namely: body with long or short sleeves "Heir of Vyzhanov" (IE lutovinova E. S.); blouse, sliders, cap and mittens (LLC "octopus"); Baby Care diapers (IE Ovchinnikova Yu. V.); anti-colic bottle for feeding SweeSlee (LLC "company SweeSlee "); washing gel and extracts for bathing " Country Zdravlandiya "(LLC " Alcoy-farm"); hygiene products for nursing mothers (VESTA LLC).

Children's products have all the necessary certificates confirming their quality. The gift will be a tangible financial support for young families, especially those with many children - there are traditionally a lot of them in the Republic. For comparison: in online stores, a bottle for a baby costs from 500 rubles, diapers — from 250, a cap — from 150. The total cost of the set is 6000 rubles.

Recall that in may 2017, Russian President and ARPF leader Vladimir Putin announced the Decade of childhood. In July 2018, the Federal Cabinet of Ministers approved a list of key activities for the next two years. The "gift to a newborn" campaign is included in the government's plan as the ninth item.

Responsibility for its implementation is assigned to the Ministry of industry and trade and the Ministry of health of Russia together with the local administration. Currently, the departments, with the help of the expert community, are preparing a final list of items that will be presented as a gift from the state. According to the selection criteria, children's products must be of high quality and mainly produced in Russia.

In January, a similar campaign with a "dowry" for babies was launched on a permanent basis by the Moscow government. Experts from the ARPF and the “Choice of parents” center learned from the capital's experience, asked young mothers across Russia what they would like to receive as a gift, and based on the collected wishes, made a trial kit for newborns. The Chechen Republic will be the first territory where the pilot set will be awarded to parents. If successful, Federal ministries can use the Chechen experience of the campaign as a basis for working on scaling it up across the country.

It is symbolic that the Republican clinical center for maternal and child health named after Aimani Kadyrov, together with its partners, prepared exactly 200 pilot kits. Gifts will be presented during a big event in the Republic: from September 25 to October 5, its capital - Grozny - celebrates the 200th anniversary of its Foundation. The award ceremony for young families in the Grozny maternity hospital will organically join the series of festive celebrations on the occasion of the anniversary.


The leading Russian manufacturer of innovative health products