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08 May
The V Interdisciplinary forum "breast Medicine" will be held in Moscow on May 11-13, 2017

According to data from 2005-2010, the gynecological incidence of women suffering from benign breast diseases is 115-117%, i.e., on average, 1.1–1.2 gynecological diseases occur for each patient.

The relationship between the state of the genitals and mammary glands becomes clear not only when studying their status in gynecological patients, but also when examining women with benign diseases of the mammary glands. Correlation is determined in 85% of patients.

Conclusion: when detecting disturbances of the mammary glands, you should look for gynecological diseases, and for diseases of the reproductive sphere — mammalogical disorders.

Alkoy took an active part in the forum in the format of several reports and a specialized exhibition. New information was provided on the medicines Mastopol and Venoflebin, as well as on the cosmetic herbal remedy Procto HERBS.


The leading Russian manufacturer of innovative health products