The leading Russian manufacturer of innovative health products
17 June
Alkoy takes part in the Congress of the Russian Hair Research Society in St. Petersburg on June 20-22.

Charismatic lecturers, real patients, live-trichoscopy and, of course, the excitement of round table on the topic of red scalp – this three-day dialogue will unfold before Your eyes and as always in high-quality and powerful design!

Our communication will not be boring, because the speakers of the congress are in love with the science of hair, real professionals from Italy, USA, Spain, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan!

For Your convenience, all reports from commercial companies will be marked with a special symbol.

A banquet for all participants with live music and dancing is our gift to You and an opportunity for an informal dialogue about complex topics and daily patient management practices.

The heart of Saint Petersburg is pounding day and night. But exactly in June You have a unique opportunity to hear and see everything with your own eyes – after all, the nights are white, and the bridge crossing is a real open-air Philharmonic!


The leading Russian manufacturer of innovative health products